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What Sessions Are Not



What Sessions Are Not:

Not chiropractic or acupuncture. I do work with joints and range of motion, but not with chiropractic techniques, and I work with acupressure points and meridian pathways, but not with needles. Sometimes an individual may do very well with just one type of work (modality) or another. Often more benefits are experienced with multiple approaches working together. I often recommend tribal healers, chiropractors, and/or acupuncturists when more seems to be needed, and I often have clients referred to me by veterinarians seeking the same advantages of a team approach.

Not diagnostic. I make observations about what I feel, not about the “why” or the underlying cause(s). An accurate diagnosis from a veterinarian (or doctor) is ideal for the most efficient treatment, when possible. There are also typically multiple issues involved, such as some arthritis here, some muscle tension there, some scar tissue here, and a strained ligament or tendon there, not to mention nutrition, metabolism, genetics .... You get the picture! The more holistic the approach, the better the potential for great results.

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